Smile Gallery

All patients below were treated by Dr. Thomas.
Patient photos are original and used with permission.

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I grew up on spring water - it was not fluoridated, and my sister would make this wonderful fudge. We would stay up at night and eat in bed.

“This is not a vanity thing. This is really a serious health thing to have strong teeth. Even what you think is a minor cavity can really affect your health. Dr. Thomas did an incredible job and it was so worth it. I feel great and love knowing one thing I will never have to worry about is my teeth.
— Robert

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My teeth were a mess and incredibly sensitive – I knew I needed to get them fixed but was scared to see a dentist.

“After treatment, I remember my wife and kids commenting on how great my smile looks! I love my new smile - I didn’t realize the possibilities that were available to me.
— Matt

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I want to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I can and that includes my mouth. It feels so good to have a disease free mouth that I don’t need to be self-conscious about.
— Dennis

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I love the feeling that I can smile with confidence. I am “Me” again.
— Melissa

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Normally, bridges are supposed to stay in your mouth. However, I had one that I could take out and put back in on demand. It was not healthy and caused me a lot of pain. Until I met Dr. Thomas, I didn’t think there was anything that anyone could do to help me.

“Now, I have something that is solid and pain free. I LOVE my appearance! I am so grateful.
— Aleksandra

I was 27 and had a tumor growing in my jaw. It is not easy to lose teeth and I thought this deformity would just have to be my ‘new normal.’

“Thankfully, I was wrong. Nobody has any clue anything ever happened.
— Austin

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I was always worried about my teeth. For years and years I thought they were a hopeless cause. Now, I love the confidence that my new smile provides and the health portrayed through it.
— Gail